Friday, January 21, 2011

A valentine's card from a while back.

This was the front of the card.

And this is what is on the inside.


Nathan's Birthday.

It was recently my friend's birthday I drew him a picture.

"Nathan Strickland"

Things found in my room.

So, I've been organizing my room and I came across some sketch books.. I'm just going to post an assortment of things I found.

Vance Wesson
Sketch done in 2007.
Sketches done in Animation class.
Sketch in a starbucks in 2008
gesture drawings in animation class.
Okay... not a sketch. Just a photo from 2006.
Contour sketch done in 2008
Lincoln design.
Lincoln structure.
Lovers. Going at it.
front of one of my old sketch books.
feetsies. sketch done in 2009.
My attention span is failing.
hottie, workout.
character design... is that a Heath McPherson drawing? I believe it is.
...What was leftover from the letters I cut out, looked cooler than the actual result.

old idea. Never fully followed through.
big face.