Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm on a Roll.

This is a really bad scan, but here is:

Night of the Living Bread

And the tagline should read:

'Breads will Roll'
'This Night Will Surely End-Piece'
'Breadly Weapons'
'A Crust See!'
'You'll Rye of Fright!'
'They'll Wheat You Alive!'
'You're Toast.'

I could just go on and on, but I won't.

Have a good Day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Late night painting

Just got the late night-night urge to paint something.

The Scream II


Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Shirt revealed

So here is the shirt. Betchya didn't know it was going to be Jay Sherman.
My friend, Aaron said it looked a bit like a Thundercats shirt to begin with.
Obviously I'm a fan of The Critic.


I'm considering putting "It Stinks!" coming out of his mouth, but I don't know.
Anyway, I saw a play my brother worked on the music for tonight, and it was pretty awesome. It was very funny, and while the play was going on, I had like a ridiculous amount of ideas rush into my head, so hopefully I can stay busy with those for a while.

until next time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Shirt

Here is the beginning stages of a new shirt I'm working on. This is just the first layers, Hopefully I'll have it completed by tomorrow or Saturday.

Hmm... I wonder what it is going to be.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Self Portrait

One of my favorite things to do is just sit down somewhere, and enjoy a nice cup of some kind of comforting liquid and sketch everyone that comes by. Here are a couple of sketches I've done recently.

Waffle House

Shopping for Ribbon

Looking for her husband
Father Figure

Working Man

Okay... I didn't really see this one.


Monday, July 20, 2009

T Shirt

Here is a Shirt I painted about a year ago. It is a loose interpretation of Harry, the gentle Sasquatch from the 1987 Film Harry and the Hendersons. This was always one of my favorite movies growing up, and so I thought it only appropriate to commemorate this movie in a wearable medium. I get alot of comments and most people recognize him.

catch you later.

This is a small series I did sometime late last year. It is a family. The dad, who I drew no inspiration from my own father for, is a beaten, workaholic. The mother is a trendy mom who is probably about ready for a divorce. She's ready to break-away from her old family life, and start a new one, filled with late nights at a hip club where she knows the younger crowd hangs out. And the kid was drawn from that dirty kid I always saw before my little league games as youth. He was probably the younger brother of somebody on the opposing team, but he always lurched near the concession stand, throwing a baseball repeatedly against a wall, and begging his mom for more money to spend on big league chew. He had layers of nacho cheese, b-b-q sauce, dirt, snot, and powerade on his mouth region.

Dear ol' Dad:
The Head of the Family

Trendy Mom:
The Lioness

Dumb Kid:
Enough Said

A piece or two from last year

Churning Japanese

This piece came to me while listening to that great 80's song "Turning Japanese", by the Vapors. And as you guessed.. it is yet another pun. I'm full of this crap. I showed this piece to my mom, and she loved the barn in the background, but thought that I had ruined the aesthetics of the painting by placing the Asian kid in the foreground. I had to explain that this is the joke.

Secret Handshake

This piece is somewhat of a self-portrait. I'm on the right, and on the other elbow is just one of my characters. This piece is weird, and I suppose the only comment I have about it is that I am intrigued with body parts replacing other body parts--which goes back to that age-old Third grader question, What if we had a hand coming out of our stomach, or what if we ate through our buttoms, and made waste with our mouths?

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend had a birthday... and I always try and create my own card for her, or for everyone for that matter. But here is this years.



It's unconventional.. But that is what makes it sweet.

What I've done lately.

I said I'd have more soon... I meant it. when I typed it 20 minutes ago.

This is an idea I had one night.. It is a bit of a pun, which I have a clear weakness for. I was worried that this may be offensive, but I definitely had no cruel intentions when drawing this.

Here is a piece I did for my grandparents. I was afraid they would not like my style, considering they have portraits in their house that have a softer, professional portraitist look to them.
Anyway, They did like it. Or at least said so, but then again, they are my grandparents.Here is a portrait I did for my Step-something, Misty and her boyfriend. They asked me to do this after seeing the one I had done for my grandparents. I feel pretty good about the result.

It is odd to do so many portraits at one time, when I really don't feel like they are my strong point.

Up Next: My Birthday Card for my Lady Friend.

Little Game of Ketchup

Lately, I have been working on some ideas for a series of paintings. The theme of the series, is Movie Titles turned into Food. For example... Rosemary's Gravy.. The Egg-sorcist... Creature From the Black Legume. You get the idea. Here is a piece I finished and framed Yesterday.

It is a Day of the Dead inspired painting. It's getting closer to Halloween, so I'm the mood for skeletons. More to come soon... very soon.