Monday, July 20, 2009

This is a small series I did sometime late last year. It is a family. The dad, who I drew no inspiration from my own father for, is a beaten, workaholic. The mother is a trendy mom who is probably about ready for a divorce. She's ready to break-away from her old family life, and start a new one, filled with late nights at a hip club where she knows the younger crowd hangs out. And the kid was drawn from that dirty kid I always saw before my little league games as youth. He was probably the younger brother of somebody on the opposing team, but he always lurched near the concession stand, throwing a baseball repeatedly against a wall, and begging his mom for more money to spend on big league chew. He had layers of nacho cheese, b-b-q sauce, dirt, snot, and powerade on his mouth region.

Dear ol' Dad:
The Head of the Family

Trendy Mom:
The Lioness

Dumb Kid:
Enough Said

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