Monday, July 20, 2009

What I've done lately.

I said I'd have more soon... I meant it. when I typed it 20 minutes ago.

This is an idea I had one night.. It is a bit of a pun, which I have a clear weakness for. I was worried that this may be offensive, but I definitely had no cruel intentions when drawing this.

Here is a piece I did for my grandparents. I was afraid they would not like my style, considering they have portraits in their house that have a softer, professional portraitist look to them.
Anyway, They did like it. Or at least said so, but then again, they are my grandparents.Here is a portrait I did for my Step-something, Misty and her boyfriend. They asked me to do this after seeing the one I had done for my grandparents. I feel pretty good about the result.

It is odd to do so many portraits at one time, when I really don't feel like they are my strong point.

Up Next: My Birthday Card for my Lady Friend.

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