Monday, July 20, 2009

A piece or two from last year

Churning Japanese

This piece came to me while listening to that great 80's song "Turning Japanese", by the Vapors. And as you guessed.. it is yet another pun. I'm full of this crap. I showed this piece to my mom, and she loved the barn in the background, but thought that I had ruined the aesthetics of the painting by placing the Asian kid in the foreground. I had to explain that this is the joke.

Secret Handshake

This piece is somewhat of a self-portrait. I'm on the right, and on the other elbow is just one of my characters. This piece is weird, and I suppose the only comment I have about it is that I am intrigued with body parts replacing other body parts--which goes back to that age-old Third grader question, What if we had a hand coming out of our stomach, or what if we ate through our buttoms, and made waste with our mouths?

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